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Tourism Product
Tourism products compared with the types of products other goods and services have different characteristics and to understand the shape and form of tourism products, the following definition of tourism products that dikemukanan by:
• (Burkat and Medlik), namely tourism products to an array of integrated products, which consist of objects and attractions, transportation, accommodation and entertainment, where each element of the tourism product is prepared by individual companies and are offered separately to consumers (tourist / tourist). 

• (Medlik and Middleton), the tourism product consists of a variety of elements which is a package that is not integral to each other and meet the needs of tourists from leaving his residence to the place of destination and back again to the place of origin.

Based on both this sense, it can be concluded that there are 3 (three) elements that form a Tourism Product, namely:
1. Destination Attractiveness of
2. Facilities of Destinations
3. Ease of Destinations

Furthermore, the three elements together and produces an image of a destination, whether good or bad. Here there are a number of 6 (six) tourism product elements that make up an integrated tourism package described on a needs basis wisatwan, among others:
1. Objects and Attractions;
2. Services Travel Agents & Tour Operators;
3. Service Transportation Company;
4. Accommodation Services, Restaurants, Recreation and Entertainment;
5. Services Souvenir (Souvenir);
6. Business Services Support.

Understanding the tourism product in depth can be done by first memehami characteristics of tourism products, among others:
1. Can not be moved
2. No need for intermediaries (middlemen) to achieve satisfaction
3. Can not be stockpiled or stored
4. Strongly influenced by non-economic factors
5. Can not be tried or sampled
6. Highly dependent on human factors
7. Having a high level of risk in terms of investment
8. does not have an objective standard or measure in assessing the level of product quality.

Definition of Tourism Products

            Tourism product is a series of interrelated services, namely services produced from various companies (economically), community services (social aspect) and natural service.
According Suswantoro (2007:75) on substantially the understanding of tourism products "is obtained and the overall service felt or enjoyed by tourists since he left his residence to the tourist destination of his choice and to return home where she originally departed" 

Tourism products as one of the objects in the supply of tourism marketing have the main elements which consist of 3 parts (Oka A. Yoeti, 2002:211):
1. Attractiveness of tourist destinations, including the image of envisioned by   tourists
2. Facilities owned tourist destination, including accommodation, food processing businesses, parking, transportation, recreation and others.
3. The ease to reach these destinations. 

Mason (2000:46) and Poerwanto (1998:53) has made the formulation of the components of tourism products namely:
1. Attractions, which is a good tourist attraction of natural, cultural or man-made such as festivals or performing arts
2. Accessibility, the ease of obtaining or achieving organizational goals such as tourism, tourism (travel agents)
3. Amenities of the facility to obtain pleasure. In this case can take the form of accommodation, cleanliness and hospitality
4. Networking, the network of cooperation relating to the products offered by local, national or international. 

Product Tour

             Tourism product is something that can be offered to tourists to visit a tourist destination. Tourism products can be either natural, cultural and community handicrafts. There are some opinions that dikemukan by experts against the understanding of tourism products, including:

• According Gooddall (1991: 63), starting from the availability of tourism products that tangible resources (tangible) to intangible assets (intangible) and the totality is more inclined to the category of intangible services (intangible). 

• According to Burns and Holden (1989:172) stated the tourism product as everything that can be sold and produced by combining factors of production, consumers are interested in interesting places, indigenous cultures and cultural festivals. 

• According to Kotler and Armstrong (1989:463), namely as something offered to the consumer or market share to satisfy the wishes and desires are included in the physical objects, services, human resources involved in the organization and breakthroughs or new ideas. 

• Suwantoro (1997:49), argues the tourism product is the overall service provided and felt or enjoyed by tourists since he left his residence, to the tourist destination has been chosen and returned to the house where she originally departed. 

• Bukart and Medlik (in Yoeti, 1986:151) describe the structure of the tourism product as an integrated product, which consists of tourism, tourist attractions, transportation (transportation services), accommodation and entertainment in which each element is prepared by individual companies and offered separately. 

From some understanding of the above, can be described that the tourism product is a service that can be enjoyed by tourists from the place of origin, in a tourist destination, until returning to the house, which is supported by tourist attractions, facilities and services, product price, accessibility support that can facilitate travel activities.

Photo : Tourism Product

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